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The Worlds Smallest In-The-Ear Wireless Communication System 


Basic System



The MySportComm System is made up of one or more MySportComm Earpieces and one or more Transmitters (walkie talkie).    The MySportComm Earpiece is set to the same channel as the Transmitter.  This allows the “Coach/Trainer” to speak directly into the ear of the person being Coached/Trained.  Only the person(s) with the MySportComm Earpiece in their ear can hear what the Coach/Trainer is saying.   This allows for private Coaching/Training.   No more yelling at your players if you are a coach.

The sound quality is crystal clear with no background interference.

The most common word that is said after someone puts the MySportComm Earpiece in their ear is ….WOW!

Some Sports Uses:

  • Horse Showing and Training
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Ice Hockey
  • Roller Hockey
  • Field Hockey
  • Lacross
  • Baseball


Although most users of the MySportComm Earpiece are Coach to Player or Trainer to Trainee, there have been many other uses of the MySportComm Earpiece.  The number of uses for the MySportComm Earpiece is only limited to your imagination.

Other Uses:

  • Dog Training
  • Television Studios
  • Political Speeches
  • Speeches
  • Movie Sets
  • Magicians
  • Parties


For further information,
contact Jason

Phone: 805.496.8559 or

Note: Since the transmitter used in the MySportComm System is a professional radio, not an FRS, and is 4 watts of power, each user should have an FCC license for the frequencies used. The re-seller does not handle this, it is the sole responsibility of the end user. Simple forms are included with each radio shipment.


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